IPA: næk

Root Word: NAC


  • (rail transport) The station code of Nam Cheong in Hong Kong.
  • Initialism of Native American Church. [A Native American religion that teaches a combination of traditional Native American beliefs and Christianity, with sacramental use of the entheogen peyote]
  • (computing) Initialism of network access control.
  • (pharmacology) Abbreviation of N-acetylcysteine.
  • (biochemistry) Abbreviation of N-acetylcarnosine.

Examples of "nac" in Sentences

  • I vote that NAC and NAC not merge...
  • Improve the content in the NAC article.
  • My association with the NAC ended in 1996.
  • The NAC doesn't conduct ordination of women.
  • The NAC does not conduct ordination of women.
  • The publisher is imputed to NAC Southern Germany.
  • That quantity of concern makes an NAC inappropriate.
  • The beginning of the sixties were not bright for NAC.
  • On the stands behind the goal the fanatic NAC fans are based.
  • A fydd John Dixon yn well cyfaill iddo nac y bu Rhodri Glyn Thomas?
  • The budget of the NAC consists of voluntary offerings of the believers only.
  • Dwi'n bwriadu dangos mwy nac un rhaglen deledu ochr-yn-ochr, yn y gobaith y bydd modd i mi adlewyrchu sawl agwedd o'r un pwnc.
  • Ond mae hi'n dod yn gynyddol amlwg i mi bod Plaid Cymru yn cyfranu llawer iawn mwy at y bartneriaeth nac yr ydym ni'n ei gael yn ei ol.
  • Seriously though on the day of I'll say "can I have a ticket for nottoB fo esaC suoiruC ehT" navI. fo eltit eht daer nac I retsop a yllaniF edog
  • Ond roeddwn yn fodlon mynd i ymgyrchu dros Blaid Cymru oherwydd fy mod yn credu bod canlyniad yr etholiad yn bwysig i'r blaid, yn fwy nac i'r wlad.
  • Lavin was hurt on a jump, called a "nac nac," that friends say he's performed hundreds of times; he was unable to get his feet on the pedals before landing.
  • It was said that the 33-year-old was trying a nac nac combination over the second set of the dirt course, but he lost control of his bike and crashed to the ground.
  • This value was solely arrived at by context where its meaning is most apparent in TLE 399, a mirror, on which is inscribed quite bluntly: Eca sren tva iχ nac Hercle, Unial clan, θrasce.

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