IPA: nˈæftʌ

Root Word: NAFTA


  • Acronym of North American Free Trade Agreement.
  • (economics, UK) Alternative form of NAFTA (“North American Free Trade Agreement”)

Examples of "nafta" in Sentences

  • NAFTA is a free trade agreement.
  • Please take it to the NAFTA page.
  • Environmental Assessment of NAFTA.
  • NAFTA has laid the groundwork for it.
  • A precursor to NAFTA, but not the same.
  • NAFTA and threat of international trade.
  • It is a part of that continent and a member of NAFTA.
  • We are still paying dearly for sams payback with nafta.
  • The framework for the environmental assessment of Nafta.
  • Give me a better plan for gas, nafta, healthcare and the war.
  • "nafta" as a brand died, so they are trying again under a new brand.
  • Take a look at nafta and other free trade agreements along with outsourcing.
  • NAFTA e can go on and one with arguments in favour of NAFTA and against NAFTA.
  • The influence of NAFTA on the Caribbean outlines the future struggle of the ACS.
  • Clinton with her bosnia and with nafta, Obama with his pastor and lying about it.
  • Clinton nafta, Bush lafta and sponsered China's "free trade" (now thats a freakin joke).
  • May 9th, 2008 4: 56 pm ET go obama no v p spot the lying pandering nafta supporting old hag obama is the best
  • And this economy is struggling do to nafta which allowed all of our major industries such as steel an auto making to move over seas without any higher tax burden.
  • That will raise presidential and congressional approval ratings, just as Clinton bucked up Democrats by passing nafta and tax increases for deficit reduction -- neither of which were popular at the time.

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