IPA: nɑgˈɑnoʊ

Root Word: Nagano


  • A city in Japan.
  • A prefecture of Japan.

Examples of "nagano" in Sentences

  • The prefecture of Nagano is in a hilly area.
  • He marched in the opening ceremonies in Nagano.
  • Its headquarters are located in the city of Nagano.
  • Nagano is known for his consistency in the competition.
  • The picture is of one in either Yamanashi or in Nagano.
  • Nandrolone metabolite in urine of Nagano Olympic athlete.
  • Nagano spent the remainder of the war as an advisor to the government.
  • The last airing of the telecast was for the 1998 Winter Games in Nagano.
  • An example of a prefectural flag is that of Nagano, displayed to the right.
  • The route of the expressway runs through the central part of Nagano Prefecture.
  • Watching the nagano fixed crew rip it up translation: doing the same three tricks over and over again to glenn fry made me giddy.
  • 'come to me' by koop feat. yukimi nagano. it's on koop's 'koop islands' album and on saint germain du pres cafe vol. 9. i'm loving their 2001 album koop: alternative takes. i love dance mixed nu jazz tunes! the band is from sweden and can be found on youtube. i recommend them very highly: oD

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