IPA: nˈɑgi

Root Word: Nagi


  • A surname.

Examples of "nagi" in Sentences

  • Nagi was also a doctor in internal medicine.
  • Bhuma Nagi Reddy rose very fast in politics.
  • Nagi meets Soyogi on the first day of school.
  • Nagi decides to have a party to celebrate this.
  • Nagi was awakened as a black winged in episode 2.
  • He says that the talent nagi has is called passion.
  • They include tracks originally composed or arranged by Nagi.
  • About the origin of the name of Mount Nagi, there are two stories.
  • The nagi tree, Nageia nagi, is also called the broadleaf podocarpus.
  • Kishida helps Nagi uncover the truth of the events occuring in the city.
  • Maria says this happens every few months as nagi sends them her manga creations.
  • When Nagi sings, it surprises Nishizawa that nagi can sing very well and got a perfect score.
  • According to Japanese mythology, she was the daughter of the god Iza-nagi who ruled the Higher Celestial Plain.
  • Dinig namin ay pinagbawa-lan daw sila ni Villar na magsabi ng totoo para raw lumabas na mahal talaga si-ya (Villar) ng mga nagi-endorso sa kanya.
  • There on the hill Lame Deer knew and saw for the first time the nagi or soul essence that he was, and awesome power surged through him, just as the spirits foretold.

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