IPA: nˈɑwɑtʌɫ

Root Word: Nahuatl


  • A group of people indigenous to the Central Mexico region spanning multiple tribal groups including the Aztecs.
  • The polysynthetic Aztecan language spoken by an indigenous people of Mexico.
  • A member of this group.

Examples of "nahuatl" in Sentences

  • Nahuatl is not a linguistic entity.
  • An inconspicuous basic split in Nahuatl.
  • His part is written in the Nahuatl language.
  • A nahuatl text, an spanish and a pictoric text.
  • All this was done in nahuatl by indigenous people.
  • The Search for the Sources of the Nahuatl Saltillo.
  • Nahuatl is an extreme cases of agglutinative morphology.
  • Coe is not a particularly reliable translator of Nahuatl.
  • Placenames associated with the Pipil are in the Nahuatl language.
  • The former page nahuatl grammar discussed only classical nahuatl grammar.
  • Zapata was born to a mestizo family who spoke nahuatl rather than Spanish.
  • The azteca language is used everyday - chocolate, tomato, metate, even the word yankee is a nahuatl word, it means stranger.
  • Our children are getting a good education they will come out of this school speaking english, spanish, mandarin, and nahuatl..
  • Segal's La littérature nahuatl: sources, identitíes, représentations, in which he appears to have been influenced by Bierhorst.
  • For these ancient poets the essence of life was summed up in the phrase, “In Xochitl, In Cuicatl”, meaning “The flower, the song”, a nahuatl metaphor signifying the art of poetry, “The one true thing on earth”.
  • The Spanish religious chronicler Fr. Antonio Tello, writing between 1650 and 1653, tells us that in 1531 Xitomatl was chief over a large Indian population, possibly speakers of Coca (a nahuatl dialect), around what is now San Juan Cosala.

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