IPA: nˈæhʌm

Root Word: Nahum


  • A book of the Tanakh / the Old Testament of the Bible.
  • The minor prophet who wrote that book.
  • (rare) A male given name from Hebrew of biblical origin.

Examples of "nahum" in Sentences

  • Not to sure about the Nahum Shahaf issue.
  • Nahum Sokolow appeared as a witness at the trial.
  • Oren won the Nahum Gutman prize for illustration.
  • It also houses the historical confectionary Nahums.
  • It did not have the carol words of Nahum Tate then.
  • Gerry Nahum attempted to measure the weight of the soul.
  • They had a son named Nahum and they are currently divorced.
  • I will post it on the Nahum Goldmann page, with your permission.
  • I'm studying a translation of a commentary on the Biblical book of Nahum.
  • One thing that's already clear is that Nahum Shahaf is at the heart of this.

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