IPA: nʌdʒd

Root Word: Najd


  • The central region of Saudi Arabia.
  • A former emirate and later sultanate in the area, which existed from 1913 to 1932, when it merged with Hejaz to form Saudi Arabia.

Examples of "najd" in Sentences

  • Al Khansa was born into a rich najd family.
  • Banu Nadir began rousing up the nomads of Najd.
  • The Banu Nadir began rousing the nomads of Najd.
  • It lies in the Najd some west of the town center of Dawadmi.
  • Fields of grain and fruit trees surrounded Najd on all sides.
  • Majority Sunnis have pointed out that this idea of Najd is correct.
  • He struggled to overcome the fever but he died before reaching Najd.
  • None of the buildings or ruins of Najd are currently located in Sderot.
  • Arriving at Najd, they found the men of the tribes had fled to the hills.
  • Information on the village Najd belongs in the article on the village Najd.
  • The company also plans to market the new product around the world. nestle/osem in najd, palestine (colony of sderot) together against tyranny lists some of the many additional reasons to boycott nestle such as (click link below for footnotes/documentation):
  • Also the this particular nutter driver, needs to be prosecuted for theft by the police, since he refused to give change, it was obviously not an error, it was deliberate theft. sa fl ahhar!! nispera li issa jiehu li haqqu ix xufier ... bla tlaqliq najd li l aktar nies li joffru servizz moqziez u arroganti m'huma hadd hlief tax xarabanks u tat taxis!
  • Friskies, Felix nestle in the distance on the land of najd, palestine for those who want a comprehensive list of nestle products check out this link to nestle's website where you can see what other brands are a part of nestle/osem. you can also use the site to send a letter telling them why you are choosing to boycott their products. boycotts do not work unless the company is aware of your boycott. it is also worth noting that there is
  • JNF is one of the foremost Zionist organizations that for decades has persistently uprooted Palestinians and destroyed their villages and towns to make way for Israel's illegal expansion and occupation. palestinian village of najd, 1948 palestine (colony of sderot) the images here are of the nestle/osem company on the village of najd, which houses the zionist terrorist colony of sderot on which ariel sharon owns a farm and which he buried his wife on land which used to be a palestinian muslim cemetery. lily sharon (ariel sharon's wife) buried on top of a muslim cemetery, najd, palestine here are a few important facts from the lebanon boycott group about why one should boycott nestle:

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