IPA: oʊˈɑhu

Root Word: Oahu


  • The third-largest island of Hawaii, included in the City and County of Honolulu.

Examples of "oahu" in Sentences

  • All sites are on the island of Oahu.
  • Oahu is an island, not a city or state.
  • Oahu is the worst island of the island.
  • He spent the rest of the winter in Oahu.
  • Kauai shared a union with Oahu, for a time.
  • It was organized to defend the island of Oahu.
  • He was the Moi of Oahu but the title was of no power.
  • The subject of the articles is related to oahu travel
  • It is endemic to the endemic to the island of Oahu in Hawaii.
  • The throne of Oahu would not outlive that of his grandchildren's.
  • I give you this blog uri here it is mine .... oahu-handyman. com/
  • Previous Posts hanging out in pearl city, leeward side oahu. eati...
  • Elani asked that he returned to Oahu and take the ascend to the throne of Oahu.
  • Air-Condition Installs** (oahu handyman) - honolulu carpentry/painting - backpage. com
  • December 27, 2008 at 3:31 pm the honolulu advertiser was unable to print today because of the power outage on oahu.
  • SATURDAY JULY 24TH 2010 @ wet n wild hawaii oahu, los angeles saturday august 21st 2010 @ exposition park & la sports arena
  • You, bally, oahu, Chi, and I are the only ones on this site to relate to Lopez 'humor about how he was raised - old school.
  • I think I still have scars on my shins from those lava flows. also did you hunt any other areas such as axis on molokai or boar on oahu?
  • Families with children should check out the annual Prince Lot Hula Festival on July 8 (visit-oahu. com), where dancers perform under the monkeypod trees in the Moanalua Gardens.

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