IPA: ˈoʊkɫi

Root Word: Oakley


  • Several places in England:
  • A village in Bedford borough, Bedfordshire (OS grid ref TL0153).
  • A village and civil parish in Aylesbury Vale district, Buckinghamshire (OS grid ref SP6312).
  • A village and civil parish (served by Oakley and Deane Parish Council) in Basingstoke and Deane district, Hampshire (OS grid ref SU5750).
  • A village in Brome and Oakley parish, Mid Suffolk district, Suffolk (OS grid ref TM1678).
  • A village in Fife council area, Scotland (OS grid ref NT0288).
  • Several places in the United States:
  • A neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • A city in Contra Costa County, California.
  • An unincorporated community in Sussex County, Delaware.
  • An unincorporated community in Butler Township, Miami County, Indiana.
  • A small city in Cassia County, Idaho.
  • A small city, the county seat of Logan County, Kansas, located in Gove County, Logan County and Thomas County.
  • An unincorporated community in St. Mary's County, Maryland.
  • A village in Brady Township, Saginaw County, Michigan.
  • A ghost town in Reynolds County, Missouri.
  • An unincorporated community in Pitt County, North Carolina.
  • A small city in Summit County, Utah.
  • An unincorporated community in the town of Spring Grove, Green County, Wisconsin.
  • A census-designated place in Lincoln County, Wyoming.
  • A surname from Old English derived from the place names in England.

Examples of "oakley" in Sentences

  • OAKLEY is an improvement on this.
  • Oakley in the early years of this century.
  • All of the schools are in the city of Oakley.
  • Oakley was incorporated as a village in 1887.
  • They are colloquially known as Oakley orphans .
  • James was born in the adjoining parish of Oakley.
  • The article states that the wraith goggles look like oakleys.
  • Consequently, the item was sometimes referred to as an Oakley.
  • Truly a game changer in the performance lens category.www. oakley.com
  • Oakley was adored by the crowds because of her carefree spirit and wild antics.
  • There was no mention of any Oakley people in the page of Oakley news in issue 1.
  • Obama mocking annie oakley and brushing Hill off his shoulders took care of that.
  • By voting for C (r) oakley, you'd be ensuring the passage of a horrendously, inexcusably flawed Federal health care overhaul.
  • I once saw a metal oakley sunglasses case (no stabby bits on the outside) inside a condom, pop out when we got the guy to squat down.
  • Walleye big walleye giant walleye huge walleye idaho record walleye mike chupa oakley reservoir record walleye record walleye photos record walleye pics state record walleye
  • I got prescription bifocal readers and had oakley make a pair of bifocals polarized they work great. the reason I say this is maybe the ones you got are to strong or you need different strengths for each eye.

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