IPA: oʊbʌdˈaɪʌ

Root Word: Obadiah


  • A book of the Old Testament of the Bible, and of the Tanakh.
  • A minor prophet.
  • A male given name from Hebrew, of biblical origin.

Examples of "obadiah" in Sentences

  • Letter to Obadiah the Proselyte.
  • See main entry on the Book of Obadiah.
  • Equally high was Obadiah's reputation as a casuist.
  • This trauma shaped Obadiah Stane for years to come.
  • obadiah without facial hair would look an awful lot like...
  • The college property was in Obadiah Brown's name on the deed.
  • Obadiah awakens to find himself tied up on the kitchen floor.
  • Obadiah was active also in the domain of religious philosophy.
  • Obadiah was the second Nigerian ever to qualify as a medical doctor.
  • Obadiah School is not considered an elaborate or majestic institution.
  • Obadiah was an indefatigable writer, chiefly in the field of Biblical exegesis.
  • Phizik on Aug 1, 2008 bruce willis looks like obadiah stane fanboy d on Aug 1, 2008
  • Paltrow was exquisite as pepper potts, and Jeff Bridges was perfect as obadiah stane (although Kris Kristopherson could have done too .. see payback).

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