IPA: oʊbˈɑmʌ

Root Word: Obama


  • An African surname from Luo.
  • Barack Obama, 44th president of the United States of America.
  • A city in Fukui Prefecture, Japan. See Wikipedia:Obama, Fukui.
  • A Japanese surname.
  • A samurai clan of feudal Japan.

Examples of "obama" in Sentences

  • I do not want Will Smith to portray Captain 'obama' America.
  • Barack hussein obama is a steath canidate who votes present most of the time.
  • April 28th, 2008 6: 36 pm ET well. it would seem once again obama is being honest about a shady individual.
  • The young people are starting to see the truth of who this obama is and they are looking at what is important, a paycheck and family.
  • If obama is the nomoiee i will be changing partys .i support clinton but i will back Macin before i would ever back obama which is what i plan to do.
  • I did have a laugh hearing both he, and the other guru of Obama's campaign, though………..just put the word "obama" in where one of these guys put in the name of a GOP future incumbent…..apt description for soon-tp-be-on-vacation long one this time President-in-Absentia.
  • Yes | No | Report from chrismerrill wrote 2 weeks 4 days ago because obama is in office gun and ammo prices have been going up. check out gunbroker. com to see what guns are going for. the auction prices are going to or atleast should be close to what your going to pay
  • obama all the way..mccain is gonna die beofre the election day anyway.. why vote for the same shitty ass white president thats just gonna mess up like every other red neck in this country..obama is a great african american and most importantly is part muslim and thats exactly wat this country needs...
  • Yes | No | Report from rocky d bashaw wrote 37 weeks 1 day ago barry soetoro hussain obama is a muslim and i think he wants the downfall of this country and the media and liberals in this country are going to let he do it. today obama is in saudi speeking arabic [how ever it is spelled] to that damn king that he kissed the hand of last time he was there. get barry out of there, he is not a natural born american.

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