IPA: pætʃɪsˈɛfʌɫʌsˈɔrʌs

Root Word: Pachycephalosaurus


  • Pachycephalosaurus, ; meaning "thick-headed lizard", from Greek pachys-/ "thick", kephale/ "head" and sauros/ "lizard") is a genus of pachycephalosaurid dinosaurs.

Examples of "pachycephalosaurus" in Sentences

  • My favorite dinosaur would be the pachycephalosaurus.
  • Spoiler alert: it's a "pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis".
  • Pachycephalosaurus This is a good dinosaur for the beginning hunter.
  • Pachycephalosaurus had a small muzzle which ended in a pointed beak.
  • But this Pachycephalosaurus not only has devastating power but speed.
  • Like the Pachycephalosaurus, it is also attracted to the light of the sun.
  • We thank God everyday that this close-minded depraved worm-infested pachycephalosaurus with sawdust for brain, is out of power.
  • Though I wish they'd show specific fossils of the animals they were talking about like pachycephalosaurus. what did they find of that?
  • The cartoon causing the controversy was titled “Liberals: The Early Years,” and featured a small dinosaur being chased by a larger one who said, “I’m not chasing you because you’re a pachycephalosaurus … I’m chasing you because you’re delicious,” to which the smaller dinosaur responded, “Oh, thank goodness.
  • In my day, the internet was carried on lighter than air dirigibles and the term for this was "shovelware," the steaming pile left behind when an old media pachycephalosaurus like George or Modern Bride would make no effort to engage on its own terms the then-young world wide web (the graphical and multimedia portion of the internet).

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