pacific northwest

IPA: pʌsˈɪfɪknɔrθwɛst

Root Word: Pacific Northwest


  • The region of North America along the Pacific coast, typically defined as the states of Washington and Oregon and the southern part of the province of British Columbia, but variously including northern California, Idaho, all of British Columbia, the Yukon territory, and the panhandle of or all of Alaska.

Examples of "pacific northwest" in Sentences

  • And there's your rain and mountain snow across the pacific northwest.
  • Check it out on the satellite imagery, where a strong storm is now moving into the pacific northwest.
  • And back out to the pacific northwest, it is going to be a rain event for you from San Francisco northward to Redding, California.

Examples of "pacific-northwest" in Sentences

  • If that's not enough, a pretty strong pacific-northwest system is moving in.
  • Examine their previous work (on the brilliant Kill Rock Stars label), starting in the feminist-noisecore scene in the pacific-northwest: massive dueling guitar sound, urgent vocals, hardcore drumming.

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