IPA: kʌtˈɑr

Root Word: Qatar


  • A country in Western Asia, in the Middle East. Official name: State of Qatar. Capital: Doha.

Examples of "qatar" in Sentences

  • Qatar is a civil law jurisdiction.
  • The figure of Qatar is not way off.
  • Military of Qatar links to that page.
  • The gas is to be imported from Qatar.
  • Articles about the geography of Qatar.
  • As the one for the middle east is in Qatar.
  • The insistence on Qatar is the same as Vandyke.
  • There are no railways in Qatar as for the meantime.
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  • Human rights in Qatar are the individual rights of the residents of Qatar.
  • It is the preferred service among the Indian expatriate community in Qatar.
  • | Reply | Permalink what will rudy's close friend, the al qaeda harboring sheik from qatar, think of this?
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  • I am from Ireland and know bad English, please tell me right I wrote the following sentence: “Cheap airline tickets on qatar, airfare search.”

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