IPA: kʌtˈɑri

Root Word: Qatari


  • A person from Qatar or of Qatari descent.


  • Of, from, or pertaining to Qatar or the Qatari people.

Examples of "qatari" in Sentences

  • Line of succession to the Qatari throne.
  • They were the first Qatari team to do so.
  • It is perhaps the most famous Qatari dish.
  • No Qatari has ever won a Paralympic medal.
  • Saudi and Qatari forces had a total of 18 dead.
  • An Egyptian and a Qatari engage in a conversation in Arabic.
  • Al Battoulah is a black mask traditionally worn by Qatari women.
  • He is registered by FIFA as a Qatari and not an Egyptian national.
  • Education has been a major focus of the Qatari government in recent years.
  • Qatari citizens do not need a visa to enter other member states of the GCC.
  • By qatari on Sun, 26 / 10 / 2008 - 9: 14pm who they would choose to be the next US President if they could vote.
  • At the, it is a culpably graspable and stoloniferous pigeon that handspike this sluggishly qatari volatilizable macro that lay at our teaberry.
  • i know this seems a bit obvious but surely to combat the heat you just play the matches at night, it fits better for a european tv audience anyway and there would be no need for air conditioned stadiums, start the matches at say 9, 11 and 1 local time and it should be fine one other thing, you should be more respectful to the qatari ambassador when interviewing him David.

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