IPA: kjˈusˈidˈi

Root Word: QCD


  • (planetology) Initialism of Quasi Circular Depression.
  • (lean manufacturing) Initialism of Quality, Cost, Delivery.
  • (physics) Initialism of quantum chromodynamics. [(quantum mechanics) A quantum field theory in particle physics which describes the strong interaction of quarks and gluons employing the concept of color charge.]

Examples of "qcd" in Sentences

  • I'm not sure about the QCD units.
  • Current algebra and QCD sum rules.
  • The QCD sum rules are a way of dealing with this.
  • The 'QCD sum rules' are a way of dealing with this.
  • Apparently the QCD journals prefer colour to color.
  • As a result lattice QCD is mathematically well defined.
  • QCD corrections to this naive formula have been calculated.
  • Additionally this model has no connection to fundamental physics such as QCD.

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