IPA: kˈiɑŋ

Root Word: Qiang


  • An ethnic group in China, living mainly in a mountainous region in the northwestern part of Sichuan on the eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau.
  • (historical) Any of various groups of people at different periods in ancient China, generally thought to have been of Tibetan-Burmese origin.

Examples of "qiang" in Sentences

  • I'm here for a pickup from Qiang Deng.
  • Subjugation of the Qiang and Di tribes.
  • A flatbread of the Qiang people of China.
  • The siege was lifted by the time the Qiang arrived.
  • Zhang Qiang this is not the place to distort history.
  • It is possible that they might be related to the Qiang.
  • This isn't an article about the Qiang people, after all.
  • I note that the Qiang people are thought to be 'related' to Tibetans.
  • Any relationship between the Tibetans and the Qiang is speculative at best.
  • Stillborn or premature babies are not considered human beings by the Qiang.
  • as Xi Jin, your abilities as strong [ 'qiang'] as Li Ke, your body as healthy [ 'kang']
  • “Guan jin qiang wu ai” pronounced gwahn jeen chyahng woo eye means go through the golden wall without blockage.
  • Chinese dissidents "fan qiang" — jump the Great Firewall — to comment on everything from the country's melamine-poisoned milk supply to illegal property expropriation.
  • A small-but-growing number among China's nearly 400 million Internet users — the most of any country — are using proxy servers and other tools to "fan qiang," or "scale the wall" of government censorship tools that interrupt access to many overseas sites.
  • A question about the conversion of traditional characters into simplified ones: I noticed that occasionally, the simplified character would have more strokes than the traditional one, such as with the character "qiang" (strong), which is å¼· (trad.), and 强 (simplified).

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