IPA: kwˈɔʌɫud

Root Word: Quaalude


  • (pharmacology) A proprietary name for methaqualone.
  • A dose of this drug, sometimes taken recreationally.
  • Alternative letter-case form of Quaalude [(pharmacology) A proprietary name for methaqualone.]

Examples of "quaalude" in Sentences

  • The last pharmaceutical Quaalude on Earth.
  • And he'd given her champagne and part of a quaalude.
  • Please see hypnotic to understand what Quaalude are as a molecule and drug.
  • You are definitely one who would be improved by regular quaalude consumption.
  • As shitty as his crime was, the fact he gave her alcohol and a quaalude is irrelevent.
  • She also offers Susan her very first quaalude, which Susan swallows obediently (without water!).
  • In 1977, Polanski had been accused of raping the 13-year old girlduring a photo shoot, with the aid of champagne and a quaalude pill.
  • Ignoring her explicit pleas and protests, he fed her champagne and a quaalude, forced her to undress, and then vaginally and anally penetrated her.
  • UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It was supposed to be a photo shoot, but the girl told the grand jury Polanski gave her champagne and a quaalude, then forced her into sex.
  • The French press has been reluctant to repeat the actual facts of Polanski's bêtise: i.e. that the grand jury testimony recounts that on March 10, 1977, a thirteen year old girl was given champagne, a half-quaalude, and then sodomized, while she continually protested.

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