rabbit punch

IPA: rˈæbʌtpˈʌntʃ


  • A chopping punch to the back of the neck or head.


IPA: rˈæbˈɪtpˈʌntʃ

Root Word: rabbit punch


  • A chopping punch to the back of the neck or head.

Examples of "rabbit-punch" in Sentences

  • 'Hit him behind the knees, rabbit-punch as he fell --'
  • This is not a left-handed compliment so much as a rabbit-punch.
  • Brokeback's tale of star-crossed lovers struck a rabbit-punch in the belly of the homophobic national dialogue.
  • Ruiz was put down again in the fifth round, this time unsuccessfully claiming a rabbit-punch, and again in the sixth.
  • But to run a poll with the question “should homosexuals be executed” has the same effect on me as receiving a sneek rabbit-punch from a 10 foot giant.
  • Ruiz took an eight-count and was down again moments later after being bundled over the ropes but he rightly claimed that one of Haye's blows was a rabbit-punch and the champion was deducted a point.
  • Angelina Jolie is in line to win her first Oscar for almost a decade, while Jennifer Aniston is hoping to prove that she can get within 200 feet of Angelina Jolie without rugby-tackling her to the ground and trying to rabbit-punch her in the clodge.

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