IPA: rˈæbɪɫˈeɪ

Root Word: Rabelais


  • A surname from French.

Examples of "rabelais" in Sentences

  • He was also a noted translator of Rabelais.
  • Read Bakhtin on Rabelais if you really want to know.
  • Second, Ekky's position led to a distortion of Rabelais.
  • People can easily click through to the Rabelais article.
  • Rabelais used to be a Benedictine monk, believe it or not.
  • Rabelais and La Fontaine are by an as yet unidentified author.
  • This spoiler could simply be in the satiric spirit of Rabelais.
  • Rabelais has a notorious history in the Australian legal world.
  • Other sources specifically credit Rabelais with the the creation of Thelema.

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