IPA: sʃˈeɪpt

Root Word: S-shaped


  • shaped like the letter S

Examples of "s-shaped" in Sentences

  • Thanks for the tip about that s-shaped gathering line, Tamar.
  • They take a single layer of lace, and run an s-shaped line of stitching down it to gather it in.
  • We could just as easily be on a logistics trajectory (s-shaped curve) as a parabolic one (j-shaped curve).
  • Andre- plumbing places sell a weird s-shaped piece of pipe that raises the height of a showerhead by 12-15 inches.
  • It's like steering a ship or a large boat. .if you don't understand the lags, you will make an interesting s-shaped pattern in the water ...
  • For making the sleeve joint both ends of the cable must overlap each other for approx. 50 cm and run towards the sleeve’s end as an s-shaped load reducing curve.
  • And, could fuel for my pretzel obsession not get any stronger, there is apparently a place called the Columbia City Bakery in Seattle whose charming s-shaped pretzel slits might alone be enough reason to visit.
  • About two miles from the turn into that town which I have mentioned I crossed a bridge, and beyond this bridge the trail sloped sharply up in an s-shaped curve to a level about twenty or twenty-five feet higher than that of the road along which I had been driving.

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