IPA: sˈɑmi

Root Word: Saami


  • Alternative spelling of Sami [A member of an indigenous Finno-Ugric people of Lapland.]


  • Alternative spelling of Sami [Relating to the Sami people of northern Scandinavia, or the Sami languages.]

Examples of "saami" in Sentences

  • SAAMI is a manufacturer's association.
  • The stock of regional and Saami literature.
  • Kurds are not the same with the Saami people.
  • Saami doing illegal things without her lover.
  • Hornady manufacturing company is a voting member of SAAMI.
  • Same thing with the Saami region in northern Norway and Australia.
  • One supposes that it might be related to such names as Sabme and Saami.
  • In Norway, the name of the language and the people is often spelled Saami.
  • Saami is clearly not being referred to as the language of the whole country.
  • After repairs were complete, the Saamis Tepee now stands approximately shorter.
  • Jennifer Garner saami JENNIFER GARNER - Jennifer Garner wants to be wooed qgl www.
  • This is discrimina­tion against gay and lesbian couples and should be unconstitu saami: Let families define themselves.
  • Conversely, those displaying the most bravery are rewarded with a bigger share of the ransom, called "saami sare" in Somali.
  • Notable looks included a brown cowhide steer coat with an orange tartan and crepe diamandis dress, saami blue legwarmers and red heels; and a multi-colored tweed and leather duffel poncho paired with red dirt sakhalin boots.
  • Its sad to see them being irresponsible and putting the FAKE KAJOL QUOTE - take ACTION NDTV. saami RT @Riteishd: KAJOL is NOT on TWITTER - before putting her quotes on d tv channel one shld confirm its the real person. dpreacher RT @juniorbachchan: Media flashing quotes tweeted by Kajol on the TV ..
  • FBSvtnCr8Wc@Transjoik - Gievrie dF0kMBTwDrM@Transjoik - Mustai Amaia vkG7psgdl1o@Sámigiella - an Arctic nature language - The Sami language 5OJPwCXsKFI@Radio and TV give vitality to the language - Electronic media 6AwZrJfyW5M@Master in our own house - The Finnmark Act NzupjHuvACk@Yoik'n Roll - Yoik / music yCz-7Gnp1_M@Mun ja mun zbeEEU_X_B0@Slincraze and Aimen with saami rap t_xQN6s_COw@Sofia ja Anna - Du Čalmmit (your eyes) 5eveNk3o1ME@VAJAS

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