IPA: sˈɑbʌhæn

Root Word: Sabahan


  • A native of Sabah.
  • A subfamily of Malayo-Polynesian spoken around Sabah in Borneo.


  • Of or relating to Sabah.
  • Relating to the Sabahan language family.

Examples of "sabahan" in Sentences

  • PetitionOnline. com / sabahan / petition. html. sponsored by
  • Sabah also has its own unique Sabahan slangs for many words in Malay.
  • One thing for sure Sabahan will surely vote for sabahan and people that they see can sing nicely.
  • You guys in P. malaysia have allowed Umno/Bn rule for more than half a century, aren't you all are even more "stupid people's brains than us, sabahan voters.
  • I remember the rumors on Akademi Fantasia 2 or 3 in which the most popular sabahan Loiter was at first expelled from the concert then he was back to the concert again.
  • PKR has not yet proven to the sabahan that they is "THE ONE" party. even thou PKR can fight the UMNO but most of still has the ultramalay (ketuanan melayu) mentality. sabahan need no this kind of thinking in here where once upon a time, we can sat together on a same table and enjoy each other food without worrying race and religious issues.
  • November 3, 2009 at 11: 42 am the politics of sabah should be decided by sabahan. being tens of thousand miles away and not being on the ground among the sabahan grassroots, tends to cloud our analysis and decision on matters of sabah's politics. at this stage to minimised the already damaged relationship between pkr's central leadership and sabah's pkr leaders, some sort of autonomy should be given to sabah's pkr to decide by themselves and for themselves. the idea of centralised control is now already passe. centralised control in a current complex and more individualised society tends to break the social cohesiveness of the society rather than strengthening it.

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