IPA: sʌbˈæt

Root Word: Sabbat


  • (Wicca) Any of the eight major holy days celebrated in Wicca.
  • witches' Sabbath

Examples of "sabbat" in Sentences

  • He is on sabbatical for the spring semester.
  • He will rest and enjoy its sabbatical years.
  • The Rubinoos began a long sabbatical in 1985.
  • In 2003, the band decided to go on a sabbatical.
  • It was in a Sabbatical Year on the day of Atonement.
  • Liams bortgång hade verkligen sabbat allt för Murray.
  • They celebrate the eight sabbats of the Wheel of the Year.
  • He was on sabbatical from teaching at the University of Iowa.
  • Caitiff are Camarilla clanless while Pander are Sabbat clanless.
  • The rest of the year, they are on leave of absence or on sabbatical.
  • The sabbatical officers are generally trustees of the students' union.
  • The whole sabbat-familiar-broomstick thing was held to be imaginary, not real.
  • Accordingly, Burns is able to provide a fully fleshed-out account of the sabbat Tam encounters:
  • There was no writing on Monday, because it was Mabon, and I had no intention of spending the whole sabbat at a keyboard.
  • The patriarchal demand for submissive women is reinforced by imagining its opposite: sex with the devil, one of the most striking legendary sabbat practices.
  • Perhaps strangest of all, the sabbat is led by none other than Matthew Hopkins, Witchfinder General--who may be dead, but isn't gone or by any means forgotten!
  • I so desperately want to find a coven, and one reason is so that we do not have to be solely responsible for the details of ceremony on every sabbat and esabat.
  • The fast-growing community's biggest holiday - or sabbat, as holidays are also called - Samhain, arrives this weekend, mixing themes of harvest, renewal and communing with the dead.
  • Though not inclined to be superstitious, nor hitherto believing that man could be brought into bodily communication with demons, I felt the terror and the wild excitement with which, in the Gothic ages, a traveller might have persuaded himself that he witnessed a 'sabbat' of fiends and witches.

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