IPA: sˈæbʌθ

Root Word: Sabbath


  • Friday-Saturday, observed in Judaism and some Christian denominations as a day of rest and worship.
  • Sunday, observed in most of Christianity as a day of rest and worship.
  • A meeting of witches. (Also called a witches' Sabbath, Shabbat, sabbat, or black Sabbath.)
  • (historical) Among the ancient Jews and Hebrews, the seventh year, when the land was left fallow.
  • (Buddhism, Myanmar) uposatha day
  • Alternative letter-case form of Sabbath [Friday-Saturday, observed in Judaism and some Christian denominations as a day of rest and worship.]

Examples of "sabbath" in Sentences

  • All of them desecrate the Sabbath.
  • The Sabbath was a day of intolerable gloom.
  • On the sabbath they rested according to the commandment.
  • I can hear the deep bell calling in the tranquil Sabbath.
  • All the Jewish Holidays and the Sabbath recall the exodus.
  • There is the tradition of observing the Sabbath on Saturday.
  • In biblical sense, man is not made for Sabbath but Sabbath for man.
  • Sunday is not a new sabbath, but rather the fulfillment of the sabbath.
  • He was a forceful advocate for the Ethiopian form of observing the Sabbath.
  • It is also forbidden to deliver the baby of a gentile women on the Sabbath.
  • Hate to be a stickler, you two, but the sabbath is actually Saturday, not Sunday.
  • The profanation of the sabbath is a sin for which God has often contended with a people by fire.
  • I was recently reminded that the term sabbath has meanings more than a day of rest one day in seven.
  • The primary object of the sabbath is holiness, not merely rest: "Remember that thou keep holy the sabbath day."
  • Moreover, some people believe the sabbath is on Saturday so they would lose the entire weekend if not allowed to hunt on Sunday.
  • But a sabbatical a word derived from the word "sabbath," for rest can have enormous long-term benefits if you have the determination to do it.
  • They would not put off the funeral till the sabbath day, because the sabbath is to be a day of holy rest and joy, with which the business and sorrow of a funeral do not well agree.
  • Bozo The Neoclown says: apparently, these tards know about as much about religion as they do how to govern properly. according to the bible the sabbath is from friday sundown to saturday
  • But we cannot, since even Adam, in innocence, needed one amidst his earthly employments; therefore the sabbath is still needed and is therefore still linked with the other nine commandments, as obligatory in the spirit, though the letter of the law has been superseded by that higher spirit of love which is the essence of law and Gospel alike (Ro 13: 8-10).

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