sabbath school

IPA: sˈæbʌθskˈuɫ

Root Word: Sabbath school


  • A meeting for religious education, like a Sunday school, but held on the Sabbath day.

Examples of "sabbath-school" in Sentences

  • In 1832 this Church had 638 communicants, 294 candidates for baptism, 684 sabbath-school pupils, and 1,388 children in day-schools.
  • In her youthful days she had been a regular attendant at church, she also was a valuable teacher in the sabbath-school; but, after marrying Lemuel
  • I have know a sabbath-school class, by each member's giving 10, 15, or 25 cents a month, contribute an amount during the year, which previously they would have thought impossible to raise.
  • On Monday there were religious services in most of the churches and chapels, where sabbath-school addresses, discourses on the relative duties of husband and wife, and on kindred subjects, were delivered.
  • last night i got a phone call from Ryan, announcing that our illustrious grandparents were passing through town--for it is alumni weekend at the university from which my grandfather graduated. i bailed out of sabbath-school, pleading late night shenanigans my grandparents are REALLY cool sometimes but caught up with them in the sanctuary, where my dutiful cousin had already passed the morning.

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