IPA: sʌbˈin

Root Word: Sabine


  • A member of a certain ancient tribe of Italy.
  • A female given name.
  • A river in Louisiana and Texas, USA; see Sabine River.
  • Alternative form of savin [The evergreen shrub Juniperus sabina, endemic to Europe, which yields a medicinal oil.]

Examples of "sabine" in Sentences

  • The Intervention of the Sabine Women.
  • His sister's name is given as Sabine.
  • Sabine was a diligent and careful scientist.
  • Sabine Pigalle is a photographer and an artist.
  • This lady is a walking eco - disaster area. sabine
  • Sabine was appointed to superintend the entire operation.
  • Now if only they'd get rid of Lila... sabine dinis blochberger
  • War with the Latins and Sabines after the Rape of the Sabine Women.
  • Tel: 01904 717186 e-mail: sabine. www.
  • I love this giveaway greetings from germany sabine my email
  • Sabine Coelsch-Foisner :, or Wolfgang Görtschacher :
  • As a small woman with lots of big male friends, I swear by this method of recovering from a night of keeping up.sabine. a.schuster1
  • The sabine is easily propagated by slips and cuttings sooner than by the seeds, though sometimes found in the small squamous seed-cases.
  • * Moral* Self-induced hangover - $ 400.00 Broken crockery - $ 800.00 Breakfast - $ 10.00 Saying the Right Thing While Drunk - '* PRICELESS *' There are truly some things that both money and Master-card can't buy. dragonskin sabine. a.schuster1
  • It would be awsome if Sylar teamed up with Elle they could be like the new natural born killers but if his past actions are anything to go by no way will Sylar be teaming up with anyone and he certainly won't be tutoring Micah more likley he will kill him and then eat his brains... poor Micah sabine dinis blochberger

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