IPA: sˈɑbrʌ

Root Word: Sabra


  • A native-born Israeli.
  • A female given name
  • Alternative spelling of Sabra [A native-born Israeli.]

Examples of "sabra" in Sentences

  • The Sabra the creation of the new Jew.
  • The photo is necessary to illustrate Sabra liqueur.
  • Shatila and Sabra have become emblematic of something.
  • Glad to see you coming in on Sabra and Shatila Massacre.
  • The Sabra and Shatila massacre was an act of war, not terrorism.
  • The concept of sabra is comparable to being a natural born citizen.
  • The information in the Sabra and Shatila massacre article is correct.
  • Sabra's goal was to establish an institute of higher learning for music.
  • The Sabra was initially developed as a further evolution of the Magach 7C.
  • He is the source for the hadith of Sabra reporting on the prohibition of Mut'ah.
  • A "sabra" is merely a Jew who was born in Palestine, i.e., the son or daughter of an immigrant from Poland,
  • But it also fit that his father, Benjamin, a pediatrician, was a sabra, a native-born Israeli as distinct from a Diaspora Jew who settled in Israel.
  • Furthermore, the "sabra" is described as "a victim of circumstances, or a victim of cruelty of the generation before him, or the curelty of Jewish history.
  • Not just the Palestinians are a mystery to them, nor just the Israeli Arabs, nor asylum seekers from Darfur, nor the very sabra children of foreign workers.
  • Yizhar was therefore a sabra, part of the new generation, untainted by exile, who bore on their shoulders the expectation of the new nation waiting to be born.
  • This generation of sabra leaders, and some of their partners, whom you helped leave the Soviet Union, seem to have even lost the sense of what it means to be part of a Jewish minority.
  • The creation of a "New Man" which finds its expression in the "sabra" cult, can teach much about the "ideological makeup of the new Jewish society" that settled in Palestine, so the author.
  • After centuries of acute Jewish sensitivity to the feelings, the hopes, the pain of minorities, too many of these sabra leaders, couldn't -- and still can't -- seem to fathom minorities at all.
  • Speaking of "native culture" the real natives, the Palestinians, are not subject of debate but rather the "sabra" as a starting point of "civilization" allegedly connecting directly back to biblical times, so the Israelis argumentation.
  • How many palestinians have died as a result of malnutrition and disease caused by relocation etc. thousands were killed in the 1948 war, thousands in sabra and shatilla … thousands have died SINCE 2000, your numbers are all wrong. were killed in the holocaust, cause the others died of natural causes. whatever levitra Says:

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