safety harness

IPA: sˈeɪftiɑrnʌs

Root Word: Safety harness


  • A safety harness is a form of protective equipment designed to safeguard the user from injury or death from falling.

Examples of "safety-harness" in Sentences

  • Reacher heard the click of safety-harness catches and then the weight came up off the seats in front of him.
  • Along with the scent-inhibiting features, you get a safety-harness slit, a built-in adjustable armguard, and plenty of pockets.
  • He has been here since 1969, long enough to remember the fan-belt and class-ring factories that shut down and moved away, and to brag of the work-shoe and safety-harness plants that have stayed.
  • Through the rhythmic series of swings the mirror went dark, light, dark, light as the N.S.U. crossed and recrossed the bows of the Mercedes and during the third or fourth light period I hit the brakes and felt the pull on the safety-harness as the speed came down and the tyres set up a long howling and I watched the mirror although there was no point in watching it because if it ever went dark again there'd be nothing else to do.

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