IPA: sˈæhɝʌn

Root Word: Saharan


  • A native or inhabitant of the Sahara.


  • of or pertaining to the Sahara desert

Examples of "saharan" in Sentences

  • The future of trans Saharan trade.
  • Be proud of your sub saharan roots.
  • The Saharans are isolated by the desert.
  • It was at the height of the trans Saharan trade.
  • Diop and criticism of the Saharan barrier thesis.
  • Their is no such thing as sub saharan architecture.
  • As such, it was an important centre of trans Saharan trade.
  • Oyo became the southern emporium of the Trans Saharan trade.
  • You misinterpret the sub saharan mention to mean direct sub saharan links.
  • If Nubia is sub saharan then sub saharan Africa had civilization before Europe.
  • Last time I checked, Angola had become the largest exporter of oil from sub-saharan Africa.
  • IMAGE: concentrating solar power, concentrating solar trough, saharan solar project, desertec, europe
  • The French have done and still do a whole bunch of ops in sub-saharan Africa over the past century or two.
  • It includes people with Caucasion, Sub-saharan-African, and Indian backgrounds, as well as the Arabian peninsula.
  • This dismal statistic, however, compares favorably with sub-saharan Africans whose average IQ is a shockingly low 70.
  • The French have done and still do a whole bunch of ops in sub-saharan Africa over the past decade or two. beejeez says:
  • Of course Catholicism has been in Haiti too, and in Sub-saharan Africa, and Central America – but nary a peep about its dismal performance in the “prosperity” tables!
  • We can still expect an interesting and lively hurricane season in 2006, it is slow getting started owing to the so-called saharan air layer that is persisting longer into the summer than ususal.
  • If the United States stops guaranteeing that Israel will have a military advantage over its neighbors, stops bribing and expending resources to maintain authoritarian dictators and stops giving Israel more aid per capita than any other nation, more aid than all of sub-saharan Africa, then Israel cannot continue as “upholding and protecting” its identity as a Jewish state.

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