IPA: tˈibɑr

Root Word: T-bar


  • (skiing) A type of ski lift where skiers/snowboarders are dragged up the ski run while they slide along on their skis/snowboards on the slope. They hang onto a T-shaped bar, a crossbar handle and a lead shaft linking to the drive cable.
  • (automotive) A T-top.
  • A girl's shoe resembling a Mary Jane, with a T-shaped strap and buckle at the front.


IPA: bˈɑr

Root Word: tbars


  • Thiobarbituric acid reactive substances are formed as a byproduct of lipid peroxidation (i.e. as degradation products of fats) which can be detected by the TBARS assay using thiobarbituric acid as a reagent.

Examples of "t-bar" in Sentences

  • I wondered how a snowboarder would negotiate a t-bar!
  • Team with a pair of stilettos or t-bar heels and lots of bangles.
  • Fingering the waistband, I shift the t-bar a centimetre to the right.
  • We'll change the chains to be more traditional with a t-bar and charm.
  • Similarly, the short t-bar is indicative of the sober and matter-of-fact.
  • This weeks are rather similar to last weeks, but red and with 3 straps instead of a t-bar.
  • No cobblers so the shoes would have been bought (a nice sensible t-bar style that I have no memory of according to another photo taken on the same day).
  • Ski slopes with four slopes, two chair and two t-bar lifts were constructed at Chiligarnika-Tadorna in the Banderitsa river valley above the town of Bansko on an 818-hectare area within the national park, before its inscription, dividing the site in two.

Examples of "tbar" in Sentences

  • In fact Stellas tbar shorts would havwe worked a treat!
  • From ijles of Greece Tbefrituet * ergilieuj, tbar bigb bleed cbaf4
  • Mmely, hake, cod, and haddock, rhey bk oa botfd tbar ttSda 1 and oihen.
  • The king bound by mag. char, 77, loS A 15th given for information of mag. tbar.
  • - Corrected glyphs: lcaron, Lcaron, dcaron, tcaron, tbar, Tbar. volti 0.2.2 (GTK Sound Application) nautilus-elementar y for Fedora (GTK
  • A clear unwrirkled fong; then doth fhe point it With tender accents, and fevircly joint it By fhort diminutives, tbar being rear'd In controverting warbles evenly fhai'd,

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