IPA: tˈibɪɫ

Root Word: T-bill


  • (US, finance) A Treasury bill.

Examples of "t-bill" in Sentences

  • Bernie, the t-bill, now the most hated man in New York.
  • One Response to “Cleaned up the image, but not perfect” t-bill says:
  • Here's how it works: The government runs a deficit, they issue t-bill, t-bonds.
  • Actually there has been something like a sudden stop in t-bill purchases this past year, from China.
  • "The good news is that demand was very good, and this will reassure investors after the weak Spanish t-bill auctions last Monday."
  • CHERNOFF: We also know, we have statements where Madoff even in November, this past November was telling clients that they had money in a fidelity Spartan t-bill fund and, according to Dellty (ph), the name of that fund, that fund has actually not existed for three years.

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