target cell

IPA: tˈɑrgʌtsɛɫ


  • any cell having a specific receptor for an antibody, antigen or hormone
  • an abnormal red blood cell with a ringed appearance, associated with some anemias

terrorist cell

IPA: tˈɛrɝɪstsɛɫ


  • a cell of terrorists (usually 3 to 5 members)

t cell

IPA: tˈisˈɛɫ

Root Word: T cell


  • (immunology) A lymphocyte, from the thymus, that can recognise specific antigens and can activate or deactivate other immune cells.


IPA: tˈisˈɛɫ

Root Word: T-cell


  • Alternative spelling of T cell (especially when used in attributive position) [(immunology) A lymphocyte, from the thymus, that can recognise specific antigens and can activate or deactivate other immune cells.]

touton giant cell

IPA: tˈaʊtʌndʒaɪʌntsɛɫ

Root Word: Touton giant cell


  • Touton giant cells are a type of multinucleated giant cell seen in lesions with high lipid content such as fat necrosis, xanthoma, and xanthelasma and xanthogranulomas.

tuft cell

IPA: tˈʌftsɛɫ

Root Word: Tuft cell


  • Tuft cells are chemosensory cells in the epithelial lining of the intestines.

Examples of "t-cell" in Sentences

  • Officially, it's called t-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma.
  • This is a drug which acts on something called the activated t-cell.
  • Those volunteers tested with the canarypox-HIV recombinant in combination with glycoprotein 120 boosts have induced HIV-specific cytotoxic t-cell responses in early trials.
  • It makes the likelihood of transmission to another person minimal (protection should still always be exercised), and helps the body naturally rebuild its t-cell count and overall immunity.
  • Dr. Saag informed me that just this past week Department of Health and Human Services put forth new guidelines indicating that everyone with a t-cell count less than 500 must be receive care (if the clinic is federally funded).
  • In addition, Dr. Michael Saag, Director of the Division of Infectious Disease, and President of HIV Medicine Association, shared with me that mortality rates go from approximately 50 percent for people who have a cd4 t-cell count of 50 and below to five percent for those who have a CD 4 count above 200.
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