tight junction

IPA: tˈaɪtdʒʌŋkʃʌn


  • (biology) An intercellular junction between epithelial cells whose membranes join together to form a virtually impermeable barrier to fluid.


IPA: tˈidʒˈʌŋkʃʌn

Root Word: T-junction


  • An intersection of routes where one road terminates as it joins a (usually higher priority) road at approximately 90°. In most countries, a give way or stop road sign will be seen at a T-junction.
  • A similarly shaped section in a pipe, etc.

Examples of "t-junction" in Sentences

  • The hijackers then dropped the woman off at a t-junction outside
  • I also discovered that the brakes are pretty good too – at the bottom of the hill is a t-junction onto an A road.
  • Henry, was snapped comforting a tantrum stricken olive, kids can also esophagogastric t-junction the environmental kids club sponsored by epa, yes.

Examples of "tight-junction" in Sentences

  • Immune staining for tight-junction proteins such as
  • In response to ultraviolet light, cells proliferate, and molecules in the skin known as tight-junction proteins loosen so that new cells can migrate to where they're needed.
  • Hyperosmolarity increases SPAK expression in intestinal epithelial cell lines Actin plays an important role in cell shape, volume and regulation of barrier function through interaction with tight-junction proteins; hence we examined the effects of hyperosmolarity on distribution of actin and expression levels of SPAK.

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