IPA: tˈiseɪpt

Root Word: T-shaped


  • Having the shape of a capital T.
  • (figuratively) Having knowledge or skills that are both broad and deep.

Examples of "trumpet-shaped" in Sentences

  • A decorative vine with rose, purple or white trumpet-shaped flowers.
  • Hibiscus is the trumpet-shaped, tropical flower that puts the color in Red Zinger tea.
  • It's trumpet-shaped flower is beautiful but poisonous—be careful not to map in its shade as the poison can drop into your mouth!
  • Her eye also gravitated toward a trumpet-shaped camel coat €1,000 by Philippe Venet, a 1960s couturier who made clothing for Jacqueline Kennedy.
  • The trumpet-shaped sleeves are trimmed in fur, the origin of which remains unknown until experts from the Museum of Natural History have spoken.
  • But the trumpet-shaped flowers make a dramatic splash wherever they sprawl; if those flowers close during the day, it's often a sign that rain is on the way.
  • Kurt Wilberding/The Wall Street Journal A trumpet-shaped, shoulderless dress with a light pink feathered pattern, part of Jason Wu's Fall/Winter 2010 collection.
  • Available in hundreds of species, gentians typically have trumpet-shaped flowers of "such a piercing blue, it's almost painful," says Mr. Kelaidis, who grows more than a dozen types of gentians in Denver.

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