IPA: tˈɑɫ

Root Word: Taal


  • Synonym of tsotsitaal

Examples of "taal" in Sentences

  • I moved the Taal parameter after the URL.
  • It has a very narrow entrance from Taal Lake.
  • Taal and Rhya represent nature and agriculture.
  • Streektaal and Taal do not have the same meaning.
  • Taal was moderate success at the box office in India.
  • He helps in the raid on Taal base but doesn't survive.
  • Taal and Rhya are the human names for Kurnous and Isha.
  • In the Philippines, it also known in some areas as taal.
  • A. van Delden, “De taal van de hemel,” Bijbel en Wetenschap 24 1979: 22–23.
  • Taal Volcano is a complex volcano on the island of Luzon in the Philippines.
  • In 1732 the town of Taal became the prosperous capital of the Province of Taal.
  • And throughout the concert, when the two mandolinists weren't playing, they counted the taal or rhythm with sinuous hand movements.
  • Ik ben benieuwd hoe je ‘klinkt’ in het Nederlands, hoewel ik toch denk dat ik je liever in het Engels lees … In elk geval gefeliciteerd met je boek (in welke taal dan ook)!
  • The battle forms part of a rear-guard action by conservatives to defend their "taal," or tongue, in privileged bastions - the military, civil service, schools - where it held sway under apartheid.
  • The usual ingredients are aatop rice, ground glass, a spice called taal magna, a resin-like material called ranamastaki, a fragrant cardamom-like spice called tosh, powdered ruby and lapis lazuli and, in some cases, even diamond dust.
  • At any rate, it was the habit of Henri Marais, who was excessively religious, to read his chapter of the Bible (which it is, or was, the custom of the Boers to spell out every morning, should their learning allow them to do so), not in the "taal" or patois Dutch, but in good old French.

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