IPA: tˈæbrɪz

Root Word: Tabriz


  • A city in northwestern Iran, capital of East Azerbaijan Province. Fourth largest city of Iran with population of about 1,600,000. Historical names: Davrezh, Tavrezh, Tavrez, Tauris.

Examples of "tabriz" in Sentences

  • His tomb is located in city of Tabriz.
  • Tabriz was the center of this industry.
  • Don't vandalize the Tabriz rug section.
  • Currently it is placed in the center of Tabriz.
  • It is located in the southeastern part of Tabriz.
  • If she was born in Tabriz, that would be an issue.
  • Tarbiyat is a pedestrian street in center of Tabriz.
  • It has a railway station on the Teheran Tabriz line.
  • Tabriz is part of the Azerbaijan and will be that way.
  • For the ethnic population of Tabriz you can just visit Tabriz web site.
  • hi im akbar azimi from iran tabriz ,please send for me sevrel pics and wallpaper that yours tankyo i love yours

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