IPA: tɑɫˈɛbʌn

Root Word: Taleban


  • Alternative form of Taliban [A Deobandi Islamist and largely Pashtun religious political movement founded in Afghanistan in 1994 by mullah Mohammad Omar, which has governed the country from 1996 to 2001 and since 2021.]

Examples of "taleban" in Sentences

  • The user claims that he supported Taleban indirectly.
  • Have you considered where all of the 'taleban' are coming from?
  • Just like it was America's policies that led to the rise of the Taleban.
  • Your assessment of the rise of the Taleban forgets at least two factors.
  • The article on Television isn't prefaced by what the taleban think of it.
  • You should also point out that ChRI did not recognize Taleban in exchange.
  • The taleban wannabe xtian fundie loons were always hollering by Jeff Harris on Tuesday, Apr 14, 2009 at 7: 29: 24 AM
  • Many of the taleban, especially those who blow up shrines, are the heretics and marry, punish, murder and live completely outside the realm of Islam.
  • I guess this means a break with Pakistan as the Pakistani government have just abandoned Swat to the taleban - a step which surely presages the fall of Pakistan itself.
  • President Karzai previously worked for U.S. oil company Unocal; his main job being to negotiate with the taleban to ensure said pipeline wasn't sagotaged every five minutes.
  • The Italian reporter that he was working with was saved by the Italian Government by paying a ransom to the taleban kidnappers I presume, while the interpreter was left in their hands.
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