IPA: jˈuboʊt

Root Word: U-boat


  • (military, nautical, historical) Any German submarine of the First or Second World War, or any Austro-Hungarian submarine of the First World War.
  • A narrow, utility cart with tall handles on both ends that is used to carry loads of retail products to be sold, so named because its shape is roughly that of a capital U.
  • (rail transport, slang) Nickname given to the General Electric Universal Series diesel-electric locomotives.

Examples of "uboat" in Sentences

    Examples of "u-boat" in Sentences

    • With regards to the questions regarding the u-boat war...
    • In mid-1944 the allies were deeply concerned about the u-boat war.
    • On the few still high and dry streets, you'll be able see over an abandoned SUV like a u-boat captain.
    • Namor can play havoc with a u-boat or two but he can't possibly fight for days on land to capture Berlin.
    • One u-boat did show up off Ventry in Dingle Bay in October 1939 and shuttled ashore 30 Greek seamen whom it rescued from a freighter it had torpedoed.
    • While in hindsight, it is obvious that the u-boat threat was diminishing and the “electro boats” were greatly overrated, it is important to remember that allied intelligence greatly exaggerated these threats.
    • England was close to a total economic breakdown due to the u-boat campaign, almost everything was rationed and nobody in their rigth mind would think that GB should initiate a landing in France or elsewhere and defeat Germany on her own turf.
    • Martin Niemoller was a decorated German u-boat captain in the First World War but subsequently became a minister of religion and a relatively high profile opponent of the Nazis as they increasingly gained firm hold of the reins to power in his native Germany..

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