IPA: jˈutɝn

Root Word: U-turn


  • (literally) A turn in a vehicle carried out by driving in a semicircle in order to travel in the opposite direction.
  • (figuratively) A reversal of policy; an about-face, a backflip.
  • Alternative letter-case form of U-turn [(literally) A turn in a vehicle carried out by driving in a semicircle in order to travel in the opposite direction.]


  • To turn a vehicle in a semicircle so as to face the opposite direction.
  • (intransitive) To shift from one opinion or decision to its opposite.

Examples of "u-turn" in Sentences

  • I had to get on 65 do a u-turn and finally I picked her up!
  • We made yet another u-turn and pulled into the lot, where more confusion set in.
  • Auto update every minute On | Off lawrencedonegan: Rednapp in "u-turn" over Beckham. "maybe he will play for Spurs."
  • The road out of town makes a u-turn there, (make a RIGHT at the light) and parallels the Rio Grande for awhile before connecting with Blvd Hidalgo.
  • This was a u-turn made in the face of that opposition campaign and not because he was unhappy with the notion that publicly owned land should be sold off.
  • We actually missed our turn to Tonala as we were driving from Tlaquepaque - when we made a u-turn to come back, we passed a factory where they make everything in clay, so it must have been fate.
  • But given recent developments, the Shia party has made a major u-turn and has acknowledged that investing in a central authority (the Lebanese political establishment) is necessary to protect the interests of the Shias.

Examples of "uturn" in Sentences

  • I totally do the right on red/uturn/right on green.
  • Nuneaton and Bedworth: Another uturn, after just three weeks.
  • Love was the spokesperson for the group that resulted in the 3rd budget uturn in the disability sector.
  • The suspect turned south on S. Union Avenue then made a uturn at the intersection with South Chester Avenue and proceeded north on S. Union Avenue.
  • The GF has a LT2 (painted version), built with thomson/syncros finishing kit, 2010 uturn rev black box forks, XT gears/crank, tech m4's and pro 2's on 5. 1's etc etc - it weighs
  • Two minutes into the piece it takes a high-tempo uturn that morphs into a Pink Floydish chant about defying gloomy death; the Brian Eno inspired phrase is finally bleated out: I don ` t want to cycle a recycled revenge.
  • I am envisioning this as a quasi-medieval Sir Lancelot, Knights of the Round Table beckoning, a return to virtue and Christian wholesomeness; furthermore, it ` s a boomerang uturn to the Cinderella working-class bubble of street - sweeper magnanimity.

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