IPA: ubɪk

Root Word: Ubykh


  • (historical) A member of a group of people who spoke the Ubykh language, inhabiting an area in what is today Sochi in Russia.
  • The extinct ergative and agglutinative language spoken by the Ubykh people, notable for its large number of distinct consonants and only two vowels.

Examples of "ubykh" in Sentences

  • The noun system in Ubykh is quite simple.
  • Ubykh has very few basic phonemic vowels.
  • It was the first major descriptive work written of Ubykh.
  • See Ubykh phonology for information on the phonetics of Ubykh.
  • I've just noticed that you have made use of the Ubykh userboxes.
  • He was the last person able to speak the language they called Ubykh.
  • Ubykhs supplanted the Sadz Abkhazians from the area in the 17th century.

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