IPA: ˈʌdmˈɝt

Root Word: Udmurt


  • A Finnic language spoken in Udmurtia, a republic of Russia.
  • A member of the people inhabiting Udmurtia or speaking Udmurt.


  • Of or pertaining to Udmurts, Udmurtia, or the Udmurt language.

Examples of "udmurt" in Sentences

  • Udmurt means literally field people .
  • It is also featured in the Udmurt language.
  • Udmurt women have opened the old taboo in Russia.
  • The Udmurts are a people who speak the Udmurt language.
  • The name Ilmarinen is also close to that of the Udmurt deity Inmar.
  • There are a few main derivational suffixes in Udmurt word formation.
  • Izhevsk is the scientific and cultural center of the Udmurt Republic.
  • Both southern and northern dialect forms are used in literary Udmurt.
  • The frequentative preterite in Udmurt expresses a repeated action in the past.
  • Russian state exerted political and cultural influence on the northern Udmurt.
  • Russia (MNN) ― Southern Baptists are praying for the unreached Udmurt people of Russia; help is needed. udmurt

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