IPA: juɛfʌ

Root Word: Ufa


  • The capital and largest city of Bashkortostan, Russia.
  • (sports) Initialism of unrestricted free agent.

Examples of "ufa" in Sentences

  • Being a UFA means, you're not on any team.
  • He's in the UFA list to the right of the template.
  • The UFA was defeated badly and fell into disarray.
  • High production costs lead Ufa to a financial crisis.
  • He was appointed a principal of a middle school in Ufa.
  • The administrative center of the district is the city of Ufa.
  • Main ports are Krasnoufimsk and Ufa at the mouth of the river .
  • Emergency Medical Services are a major component to the services of the UFA.
  • As for the UFA being a political party, the trouble is that it kind of wasn't.
  • Someone at hello online said ufa fired all their talents and kept their idols.
  • Brownlee quickly entrenched himself in the conservative wing of the UFA caucus.
  • To learn more about the movement read the FAQ under the About Us tab on www. ufa.india.org.
  • Nunca entendi bem a escolha de um nome tão arghs...para um urso com ar de panilhas, ufa...mas os putos gostam ?
  • He made Fattucci write that he wished to erect a colossal statue on the piazza of S. Lorenzo, opposite the S.ufa Palace.
  • Sather keep the good trades coming, and stop signing Free Agents … wasnt expecting that. cleared close to 10.5 mil for next season. can give staal and girardi raises and have enough money left over to spend too much on the next ufa.
  • Earlier this year, he founded the Universal Financial Access (UFA) movement in India (www. ufa-india.org) with the goal of securing financial inclusion for all Indians initially through a unique national identity and a bank account by 2010 and then universal access by 2013.
  • As far as pure ability, I think they're pretty equal, but I'd prefer Dubinsky's size and ability to kick Mike Richards a$$ twice a season, ha-ha. red you do noit know the red you do noit know the system. guys in ufa are not comparable in arbitration to rfa. salaries not admissable.

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