IPA: juɛfˈoʊ

Root Word: UFO


  • (colloquial) An "unfinished object" in knitting or other kinds of craft.
  • A UFO.
  • Initialism of unidentified flying object; (loosely) an alien spacecraft. [Anything not readily explainable appearing to move through or be suspended in the air, primarily used to refer to objects that seem to be at least of small familiar aircraft size.]

Examples of "ufo" in Sentences

  • I found a UFO in the sky.
  • It might be confused with a UFO.
  • Also on the cover of UFO magazine.
  • UFOs are not a parapsychological subject.
  • Ghost and UFO claims are not extraordinary.
  • Sure you want to limit yourself to "ufo"-whatever?
  • Many of the model makers attempted comical objects in the UFOs.
  • A circle around the UFO shows the score multiplier for the UFO.
  • If follow the road the "ufo" image only appears when you see a sunny sky.
  • The journal attempts to rationalize the evidence for the existance of UFOs.
  • He survives, and joins the rest of the cast on a rooftop, watching the UFO.
  • Let the whole business devolve into a swamp of credulous nonsense, like UFO.
  • Cal replied with its own lengthy drive ending in Ta'ufo'ou's scoring catch with 5: 45 left.
  • The book of the yellow emperor, source of acupuncture IOCOB to shut up sattelite debris video afetr "ufo" blind report -
  • Bears backup Caleb Hanie had a better outing, finishing 8 of 11 for 87 yards, including a 14-yard touchdown pass to Will Ta'ufo'ou.
  • Paola presents verbatim interviews with many of the most well known "ufo" experts, contactees and disclosure advocates in the world.
  • By the way the term ufo was made up by our governments to refer to vehicles and other flying craft that wasnt identified, so if they didnt exist why would the term UFO exist?
  • Jahvid Best rushed for 111 yards and a score, while tight end Cameron Morrah and fullback Will Ta'ufo'ou caught Riley's TD passes in a solid debut for the Golden Bears 'brand-new collection of starting offensive skill players.
  • Uploaded: 2010-07-17 florida "fly objectsland problem" was abotu korea rocket sec days bef florida "fly objectsland problem" was abotu korea rocket sec days bef video of 6th., comements of 10thy., junehe video of spcae object; "ufo" talk will send-sect is
  • I see two gravity phenomons here there was a burst of energy coming from the rear and there is a source of energy coming from the bottom of the craft, as its flying down the craft was trying to stabalize itself and attepted to lift off from the gravitational pull, but failed miseralbly, I believe that this ufo is authentic, and defines more proof that we are not alone in the universe, bless the souls who were maneuvering that craft and hope they are in a better place now.

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