IPA: jugˈændʌ

Root Word: Uganda


  • A country in East Africa. Official name: Republic of Uganda.

Examples of "uganda" in Sentences

  • It can be found in Sudan and Uganda.
  • For services to healthcare in Uganda.
  • Articles about the geography of Uganda.
  • For services to music and teaching, Uganda.
  • January cluck cluck uganda, rwanda, and zanzibar lost
  • The hospital is the only referral psychiatric hospital in Uganda.
  • He is the State Minister for the Elderly and the Disabled in Uganda.
  • He is the State Minister for the Elderely and the Disabled in Uganda.
  • Posta Uganda is the company responsible for postal service in Uganda.
  • Hicks was born in Uganda, the son of a homemaker and a civil engineer.
  • He was one of the leaders who forced the abandonment of the Uganda plan.
  • Juan C says: sorry†¦ uganda has no oil reserves†they are on their own.
  • Without Indians and other immigrants there is no america, USA will be some other country like kenya, uganda … etc.
  • Reply to this albert am tired of the politics of uganda evry one wants to become aleader, including the Cultural leaders.
  • On October 7th 2007, sekibala wrote: hallo this is sesera bashir from eastafrica uganda i need to know weather kylexy has the family
  • CONSTABLE HORSE WHITE sygate vs zone alarm Project manager tasks superheroinewomen in tights British council uganda mybutt. com furnace heat oil mp3 music night mr wraps boxing equipment used
  • I agree that the reason the US is not getting involved is because uganda does not have oil ... but do you and the commenters in this thread think that we should bring militarty forces there and become more deeply involved?

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