IPA: jˈugɝˈɪtɪk

Root Word: Ugaritic


  • The Northwest Semitic language of the ancient city of Ugarit in Syria. Extinct since 1100 B.C.E., it was written in cuneiform.


  • Of or pertaining to the ancient city or language of Ugarit.

Examples of "ugaritic" in Sentences

  • Yamm is the Ugaritic god of the sea.
  • Followed up on your question at Ugaritic alphabet.
  • This article describes the grammar of the Ugaritic language.
  • I haven't as of yet researched the Ugaritic texts in particular.
  • How is the age of the Ugaritic relevant to the argument in the quote
  • Ugaritic verse bore an uncanny resemblance to the language of the Tanakh.
  • Lotan or Lawtan is the seven headed sea serpent or dragon of Ugaritic myths.
  • Is it a better translation for me because each word is perhaps a trifle closer to the original Hebrew or to the original Ugaritic stem
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