IPA: jˈugriʌn

Root Word: Ugrian


  • A member of the race of ancestors of the present Hungarians.

Examples of "ugrian" in Sentences

  • Rumoured to be of Finno Ugrian roots origin.
  • Finno Ugrian names did not have soft b during that period.
  • There are no written records available of the Finno Ugrian language.
  • That's what supporters of the Ugrian theory for Hungarian should do.
  • Each Finno Ugrian people had developed their own special horse race.
  • Because of this the Finno Ugrian basic vocabulary cannot be determined.
  • It is part of common Finno Ugrian history and also part of Russian history.
  • The deduction of Finno Ugrian phonetic laws does not rest on solid grounds.

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