IPA: jˈugrɪk

Root Word: Ugric


  • A group of languages that includes Hungarian, Khanty and Mansi.


  • Of or pertaining to a group of languages that includes Hungarian, Khanty and Mansi.

Examples of "ugric" in Sentences

  • I do agree about the Finno Ugric part.
  • It's not fenno ugric or tatar form either.
  • I fully accept the connection of Finnic and Ugric.
  • I was looking at the map of Finno Ugric language distribution.
  • Indeed, the sami are about as germanian as they are fenno ugric..
  • Permic languages are a subgroup of the Finno Ugric language family.
  • Much the same as the Hungarian argument that their language is not Ugric.
  • They live in western and middle Siberia, together with the Ugric Khantys.
  • The term Ugric people is used to describe peoples speaking a Ugric language.
  • Komi is one of the two members of the Permic subgroup of the Finno Ugric branch.
  • The Russian-Romanian problem is simple: Romania a Latin country (and Hungary - a finno-ugric country) is standing between russia's 'slavic brothers' from the south, basically Romania is standing against Russia's ultimate goal a pan Slavic union lead by Russia and that's why so much anthipaty and betrayal from the Russian side towards Romania (and Hungary) "The interconnected history of Moldova, Romania and Russia is complex, to say the least.

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