IPA: ˈuf

Root Word: UHF


  • (electronics) Initialism of Ultra High Frequency.
  • (healthcare) Initialism of United Health Foundation.


  • (finance) Initialism of ultra-high-frequency.

Examples of "uhf" in Sentences

  • UHF was not considered viable at the time.
  • On the top side there are four UHF monopoles.
  • Several VHF stations would have to convert to UHF.
  • It was one of the first UHF stations in the country.
  • The D band is in the UHF range of the radio spectrum.
  • Thanks! specialized turbo sport road bike tyre set uhf
  • Wonder, if those uhf radio FRS/GMRS radio's be illegal?
  • LII's digital broadcast are on UHF channel 56, also on the UHF dial.
  • A UHF transmitter was used for the digital telemetry and the TV signal.
  • A drawback to UHF detection is the extreme sensitivity to external noise.
  • A number of public safety and business communications are handled on UHF.
  • A microstrip UHF patch antenna will be used for communication with the MSE.
  • In exchange the people now half to by antenna's that will recieve DTV (which falls in the uhf spectrum).
  • June 29, 2008 at 1:22 pm aktuali paul iz one uhf a foow hoo passd test uv gom jibar, but himz de onli kwizach harerakh.
  • Note that it is a UHF only antenna so it won't pick up NBC on Channel 7. edit these things should only pick up uhf and not vhf
  • When i arrived in NZ, 1 bag was missing, the one that had my ft-817 w / W4RT Battery installed + mic + vhf / uhf dualband magmount, all in a red canvas bag.

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