IPA: jˈuwaɪɝ

Root Word: Uighur


  • Alternative spelling of Uyghur [A member of a Turkic ethnic group living in northwestern China and southeastern Kazakhstan.]


  • Alternative spelling of Uyghur [Of, from, or pertaining to the Uyghur people or the Uyghur language.]

Examples of "uighur" in Sentences

  • Just that it was a Uighur training camp.
  • You criticize me for using the word Uighur.
  • Uighur and several other languages are like this.
  • Close to the end of the summer, the Uighurs arrive.
  • ABC australia china hurt the feelings rebiya kadeer soft uighur
  • Turki or Turki Darzi are very fair and have Uighur genetic makeup.
  • He met with a Uighur fighter to talk about training in Afghanistan.
  • The same Chinese Muslim General forced a Uighur to grovel at his feet.
  • He is one of approximately twenty two captives from the Uighur ethnic group.
  • He is one of approximately two dozen detainees from the Uighur ethnic group.
  • Turkey have virtually no contact with kazakhstan or kirgizstan or the uighurs.
  • Just for kicks, I looked up "uighur" on Wikipedia, and it was redirected to "Uyghur".
  • With their pitchforks, metal pipes and nail studded wooden planks, did you catch some of the quotes of the han Chinese in xinjian running into the uighur neighborhoods?
  • The hostory of XX-c Mongol orthography is a total mess, with cyrillic, roman, uighur, and an indigenous script for one dialect all being used, often in fast succession back and forth.
  • Billions are fooled into supporting this orchestration and fabrication.apcheck. blogspot.com All photos, videos, and audio used under fair use copyright rules for analyzing journalistic integrity of the respective authors. brainwash youtube internet website daily press documentary news politics balanced fair cnn Muslim uighur press journalist journalism crushing crush dissent evil biased bias criminal spin dishonest genocide brutality soldiers troops beijing iraq recently 2008 darfur genocide nepal ban

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